About the Artist

I have a strong background in formal objective painting and drawing, the foundation laid in the classical study of the portrait, the figure, and the landscape.

Graduating with Great Distinction from San José State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, I pursued my personal work while teaching Painting, Drawing, and Photoshop both privately and at the College level.

I have also painted digitally, painting backgrounds, concept paintings, and color models for Broderbund Software’s Carmen Sandiego series (World, U. S. A., Time, and Word Detective) and other computer games.

From June of 1998 through April of 2002, I was employed at George Lucas’ Industrial Light + Magic, painting 3D textures on computer generated objects as well as matte paintings for feature films and commercials. Some of those movies include Planet of the Apes, Star Wars Episode I and II, The Perfect Storm, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

In 2002, I painted concept paintings for the Tom Hanks, Robert Zemeckis collaboration The Polar Express.

Starting in 2004, I have completed illustrations for websites and books in a variety of styles, from layout to finished painting, as well as creating designs and illustrations for my own novel, The Ruins of Evermore, The TimeLight Awakenings.

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David J. Saccheri

Golden Hour™ Art

Film, Game, Website, & Illustration Résumé

Phone: 928.777.1111




January to Present: Continues definitive illustrations for The TimeLight Awakenings and Book Two of Evermore. Begins work on the final draft of The Ruins of Evermore, Book Two.


January to December: Begins definitive illustrations for The TimeLight Awakenings and Book Two of Evermore. Continues work on The Ruins of Evermore, Book Two, Part Two, finishing first draft in October.


January to December: Completes first draft of The Ruins of Evermore, Book Two, Part One. Continues concept drawings for TimeLight Awakenings. Begins work on first draft of The Ruins of Evermore, Book Two, Part Two.


January to December: Continues work on first draft of The Ruins of Evermore, Book Two, Part One. Continues work on concept drawings for The TimeLight Awakenings


January to December: Begins work on The Ruins of Evermore, Book Two, Part One. Continues work on concept drawings for The TimeLight Awakenings.


January to December: Completes The Ruins of Evermore, The TimeLight Awakenings. Begins concept studies and sketches for the book.


January to December: Begins writing The Ruins of Evermore, The Timelight Awakenings.


April to September: Paints layout and illustrations for the books Neanderthal Man and Wild Animals. October to December: Writes synopsis for book The Ruins of Evermore.


March 2007 to April: Paints layout and illustrations for the book Explore Inside a Pirate Ship, to be published November 2007.


December 2004 to February: Paints layout and illustration for The Looking Glass Wars website.


August to December: Paints hi-res illustration Greek and Amazon Battle Scene for Women of Action Network website.


January to February: Continues concept paintings for The Polar Express.


January to April: Paints textures for digital doubles of Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and Quidditch towers, stands, and spectators for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. September to December: Paints concept paintings for The Polar Express.


November 2000 to March, 2001: Creates matte paintings for Pearl Harbor and AI, Artificial Intelligence. April: Paints textures and matte paintings for Alcatel Commercials of Martin Luther King and Lou Gehrig. May to July: Paints matte paintings for Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. September: Paints matte paintings for Jolly Green Giant Commercial. October to December: Paints textures for Star Wars, Episode 2, Attack of the Clones production.


July to February, 2001: Paints textures for ILM’s Digital Short: Work in Progress. March to August: Paints characters for Star Wars, Episode 1, the Phantom Menace DVD production.


January to May: Continues painting textures for The Phantom Menace. Work includes painting the entire set of Galactic Senate Rotunda, parts of the Theed Hangar and Generator Room. Also paints matte paintings on the skies and ground for the ground battle sequence and Tricon’s Star Wars Commercial. May to July: paints textures for Rocky and Bullwinkle characters and various props for the film Rocky and Bullwinkle. July to June 2000: Paints textures for the show The Perfect Storm. Work includes CG characters, Mistral sailboat, and some 2D cloud matte painting.


January to February: Continues to paint concept paintings for Brøderbund’s 3D game The Prince of Persia. February to June: Paints textures for Brøderbund Software’s 3D game The Prince of Persia. June through December: Begins employment at Industrial Light + Magic as a Viewpainter painting textures for Star Wars, The Phantom Menace.


October through December: Draws layout and paints concept paintings for 3D game for Brøderbund Software, The Prince of Persia. January through May: Continues to paint backgrounds and color models (for animated characters) for Carmen Time. Paints backgrounds for Opening, Closing, and Jailbreak sequences for Carmen Time. February: Paints backgrounds for Brøderbund’s War Breeds. February through May: Paints backgrounds for Brøderbund’s Carmen Sandiego Word Detective. March through April: Paints backgrounds for Brøderbund’s Kid Pix. June: Paints over Carmen Time animation in Opening, Closing, and Jailbreak sequences to give them an effect of 3D to match backgrounds.


January through June: Starts working onsite for Brøderbund Software, Inc. as a freelance artist.  Paints backgrounds for Carmen U. S. A.  Paints prototype backgrounds for upcoming Brøderbund game, Carmen Time. October through December 1996: Paints backgrounds, icons (for game interface), and color models (for animated characters) for Carmen Time.


May through December: Begins working freelance for Brøderbund Software, Inc. as a digital background artist. Works on Carmen World, painting 360˚ panoramic landscapes.

12 responses to “About the Artist

  1. Hi! I just finished The Time Light Awakenings and try as I might, I can’t seem to find any info on when the next book is going to come out. I’m hooked! Are you going to finish out the series? Please say yes!! I can’t wait to see how Heather develops!

    • Oh, Meghan, aren’t you just the GREATEST! lol!

      I’m currently on Chapter Seventeen of Book 2, and I’m truly having a wonderful time writing it. I love ALL my characters (and missed them when I finished the first book), from Heather to the creepy Mr. Simpletripp, not to mention all the situations I put the various parties through. And my first draft readers are loving it even more than Book One of Evermore, because the story doesn’t require the setup that the previous book did.

      And YES, I’m definitely going to finish out the series, come what may.

      I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier and took so long to reply. But I so appreciate the fact you took a moment to find me and respond.

      With the greatest appreciation,
      -David Saccheri

      • Yikes!!! I’ve been looking for you for years and hoping I would see you at one of the reunions.

        I moved into a new home for me in Pleasanton 4 years ago and found our Senior Ball photos. I have them upstairs in a small office.

        I Was living in Nashville when Covid hit. I was running 2 lives and had to return to CA.
        I am a Nashville Recording Artist and Entertainer. I’m have been pursing this since my 20’s. I work with and have recorded with Garth Brooks Musicians. His guitarist on every one of Garth’s recordings, is on my new CD.

        A year and a half ago my songs were being played on a New Zealand radio station. They interviewed me after each song and I told all my crazy stories. While I was still on the air, they told me I was being listened to by 5 million listeners in Europe.
        I also have 2 degrees and have worked in Corporate, City Government and teaching during the day.

        I would love to see you or at least chat. Let me know. Where do you live now??


      • Well, Rosemarie, it seems you’ve been quite busy since the Senior Ball. lol It would be great to chat and catch up! Feel free to phone, and if I’m unavailable, I’ll return your call first chance I get. Or email me at david@goldenhourart.com with your number and I’ll phone you.
        It’s wild. When living in Arizona, in one of my private classes, I had a student who said to me, “You mentioned you grew up in northern California. Where?”
        I replied, “Aw, this little town in the Bay Area called Castro Valley.”
        She said, “I graduated from Castro Valley High!”
        Too funny.
        Anyway, let’s catch up! Now, do be ready, Rosemarie. I’ll be asking you about people I haven’t seen in over forty years! But I figure since you’ve been to all the reunions that you’ll have firsthand knowledge and know the latest and the greatest. 😉

        Boy, the world was sure a lot younger and smaller then, wasn’t it? 🙂

        Cheers! Until soon.
        Warmest regards,

      • Omg!! I can’t wait to talk to you!!

        Remember how shy and quiet I used to be??

        I’m finally came out of my shell at age 20 and now I am totally opposite!!

        I’ve never been able to find Joann Valente. I saw Sharon Fantone 6 years ago when I was a volunteer at new Kaiser San Leandro hospital and medical center. Her mother was in the hospital and I recognized her brother walking down the hall I had not seen since high school. I went up to her mom’s room and visited with all of them.

        I found her new address and phone number. I’m going to call her. Her Mother is still alive at 93!!

        I miss my Mother every day. She has been gone about 7 years now.

        I knew I wanted to be a singer when I was age 4 and asked my Dad for a radio for my 5th birthday. I began singing along to the radio and and memorizing songs every day for my entire life!!
        I still have it!! I never told anyone though and even though my parents gave me and my sister music and dancing lessons I was strongly discouraged to do it as a career.

      • Great! Look forward to hearing from you, Rosemarie — IF I can get in a word edgewise with a woman who’s come out of her shell (I’m teasing). I’m sorry to hear about your Mom and how much you miss her. Funny, after receiving your post, I was thinking about Joanne and Sharon, wondering how they were and if you had seen them. So much to talk about!!! There’s a lot that has passed in our lives and so I’d love to share some of the journey with you, and I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to since you’ve cast aside your shell and forged your musical path. 🙂 Sharon’s mom, if I remember correctly, used to work in the deli on the boulevard. OMG. lol. I’m caught up in a time warp here. Phone me when you’ve the time. We’ll catch up. I’ve some funny stories to share and I’m sure you do, too!

      • Sounds great!! I love your messages. It will be good to hear your voice.

        The number on the website??

        I think it was Scott Smith that told me you were working at Lucas Films. That was roughly the 1998 reunion!

        OMG I’ve been trying to find you for 20 years even though I’ve been married twice. Yes Mrs. Fantone worked at Lucca’s deli.

        His son has a popular deli in Danville that I went to for many years. I lived in Danville for 19 years and worked across from the deli at the Danville Community center.

      • The number on the website works.
        Paula and I were in the Bay Area in September. We went to my old neighborhood, past Al’s Market and Our Lady of Grace church, to the high school. My elementary school (Stanton School) has bars around it now. Anyway, there were some funny things that happened, one in particular. I’ll tell you about it when we speak. I was so wound up, so excited to revisit the places of my youth. Drove past Lake Chabot. It triggered a LOT of memories. Too wild. More when we talk! If you speak to Sharon or possibly JoAnne before we have a chance to speak, do tell them I said hello. 🙂

      • Ok thank you. Wow!! You were so close by.

        Yes I have fond memories of Al’s food market. I walked Lake Chabot about a year ago. The Castro Village brings tears to my eyes. I spent so much time with my Mother there even until the very end of her life!

        I’ll call you soon. I have a few social events this weekend. You’ll have to tell me about Paula. I’m glad you have someone. I’ve been divorced now 7 years. Married twice.

        Sharon was in my wedding when I was 25.

        Joann got married right out of high school. I went to her shower and wedding and that was the last time I saw her. She wanted to be a psychiatrist. I have never been able to locate her.

        Sharon married Gary Neil on the football team. He abused her and she was very unhappy. She started smoking like a chimney and worked at Music Unlimited…..She divorced and remarried and that seemed to be a disaster from what she told me when I saw her at Kaiser.
        Gary died several years ago.

        Yikes, We have a lot to caught up on!!

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